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Haltech Manufacturers Cup

Haltech Manufacturers Cup
when: November 9-11, 2012
where: South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta, Georgia, USA

Manufacturers Cup Pro Nitrous Quarter Mile Shootout

A large group of the finest manufacturers and service providers in the Pro Modified motorcycle racing industry have banded together to see that the wildly popular nitrous dragbikes race the full quarter-mile at November’s Manufacturers Cup race at SGMP.

Class   Q       Driver                   Home Town           Vehicle
PC       7       KIM MORRELL     LOXAHATCHEE     2010 SUZUKI

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Preparing for 2012 Race Season

2012 race season is on its way. Become a new sponsor for the 2012 season. Morrell/Sachs Motorsports is looking for new partners to bring in for our new & exciting season!

Get major coverage for your company with PXM of the ADRL. We have a marketing package to fit your needs. Big or small we can work together to have you a part of our team. Send me a message if your interested.

Martin, Michigan

4th Round qualifying I had a little meeting with the wall in the left lane. For some reason my pipes blew off the bike and dragged under the frame causing me to hit the wall. It was definitely a wild ride. But when things like that happen the best thing to do is overcome it and get back out there.

When I got back to the pits I asked John if the bike was OK and can we run it. To his shock and my own,  I couldn’t believe I said that, he said yes, I think it will be OK. Well there is a saying if you fall you must get back up and try again. We ran first round and won it. I wasn’t even racing, I was over coming a fear which I had to do. My son Ricky, my daughter Shelby and step daughter Jordan were there and watched it all.

At the end of the day after going to the semi finals I thought to myself, if I showed anything out there I hope I taught the kids that just because you hit a mountain doesn’t mean it’s the end. I soooo look forward to the next race. PERSEVERANCE!

Topeka, Kansas 3rd round Qualifying

18 Jun 2011

TOPEKA, Kan. – Order after 3 rounds of qualifying in Pro Extreme Motorcycle at the ADRL (American Drag Racing League) Kansas National Guard Hardee’s Independence Drags V

Pos — Num — Rider — Resides — Machine —————– Qual-ET — Qual-Spd — Top Spd

1   730 Terry Schweigert, Abbotsford BC, ’09 Suzuki 4.190 167.01 168.30

2   22 Dave Vantine, Hamilton NY, ’10 Suzuki 4.197 168.32 168.32

3   1 Kim Morrell, Lox FL, ’10 Hayabusa 4.211 167.03 167.03

4   1134 Casey Stemper, Upper Marlboro MD, ’08 Suzuki 4.226 162.88 163.24

5   7 Charlie Prophit, W. Monroe LA, ’11 Suzuki 4.338 171.64 171.64

6   123 T T Jones, Harvest AL, ’08 Suzuki 4.385 163.37 163.37

7   1234 Matt Prophit, Indian Lake FL, ’11 Suzuki 4.418 163.85 163.85

8   67 Jason Hamilton, Amarillo TX, ’07 Suzuki 4.444 162.82 162.82

9   430 Shane Eperjesi, Lake Dallas TX, ’10 Suzuki 4.487 150.43 150.43

10 405 Blaine Hale, Midland TX, ’10 Suzuki 4.489 155.69 156.99

11 1110 Jeff House, Keller TX, ’08 Suzuki 4.505 159.93 159.93

12  81 Carlos Wilkerson, Broxton GA, ’11 Suzuki 6.948 59.17 59.17

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

Heading to Kansas!

OK so it’s time to head to Kansas. I’m so excited to get back with the CarSafe family. There is nothing like going to do what you love to do and hanging out with great friends all weekend. Tom Pierson my new sponsor from Pierson Construction is gonna be there with us tuning the CarSafe car with Richie. We are all ready for a win. My trailer is loaded and ready to go, and we also have an additional sponsor to add to my team that came with a special part for the bike. We should fly!!!! Stay tuned in to see what we have. I will tell shortly 🙂

A Day at MTC Engineering with the students from Wyotech

MTC trip (click here for pictures)

I had a great day at MTC Engineering with the students from Wyotech and John’s dad, John Sachs Sr. of Sachs Race bikes. I learned so much from Eric at MTC and the students of Wytech where amazing! We have some great guys getting ready to take on the future of building bikes. MTC Engineering will be on hand ready to help with Pistons, Clutches and Blocks, as they are there for me with my race team.

Wyotech students including my son who is a student there himself took a trip over to MTC Engineering to tour and see just how these parts are made and what performance you can get out of each part. I myself learned so much in just a few hours with Eric and his team at MTC Engineering, and as for Wyotech, I wouldn’t change my son’s choice for a school, he couldn’t of picked a better school then Wyotech. The instructors there are so awesome. I challenge some females to step up and check out there school. It’s amazing. Hands on technical training with the best. I can’t wait to get more involved with Wyotech. I loved being apart of such a great day, and as a mom of one of the students I couldn’t be more proud of my son Ricky as I am right now.

Thank you Eric and THE TEAM at MTC Engineering and thank you to Wyotech !!!!